At Camp Noah Preschool Ministry, children begin taking their first faith steps toward lifelong learning in a nurturing environment. We have also created an energized learning environment for our "littles" through engaging curriculum, Praise Pals, our Camp Noah Ark indoor play area and our awesome preschool leaders! It's a joy to partner with parents and a privilege to be sharing these precious years with preschoolers and their families!


Welcome to Camp Noah

When you arrive you will go directly to the Guest Center in the children's area to check in.  Please ask one of the greeters located at each entrance of the building for directions to the children's area. After you have completed registration, you will be able to check-in at the kiosks on subsequent visits. First time guests will want to arrive 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the service or class you would like to attend.

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Leaving Your Child In Our Care


Realm Check-in provides you with the assurance that preschoolers are secure each time they are left in our care. You simply check-in your child at one of our kiosks and Realm handles the rest. Each badge is printed with a system generated number ensuring an exact match when you return to pick up your child. Please sign-in your child at the door and you're ready to go. We ask that you pick up your child promptly after worship or Growth Group. To enter back into the children's area, have the security tag ready to show at the entrance to this area. You will also need to show the tag to your child's teacher. Numbers with be matched each time for your child's safety and security. A teacher will assist you as quickly as possible. Please do not enter the rooms. Map available at Current Info tab.

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We Want Parents to Know

All Preschoolers, Babies through Kindergarten, are welcome to stay all sessions while mom & dad go to Growth Groups and worship.  Our ministry strives to maintain a clean, safe environment for your children. We are confident your children will feel safe and loved while in our care. We want to minister to your entire family and we pray this is a place where you and your family can grow!

Check out the Camp Noah brochure to see what you will need to bring. Please note formula, milk, or water, must be provided in plastic bottles.  Formula and juice must be prepared by the parent.  Caregivers are not allowed to mix formula or food.  This is for everyone’s safety. 

Don’t forget we have a “Nursing Baby Room” for your convenience.  The worship service is available to watch while you are feeding baby. Please ask for directions!